We feature a full bar with your favorite drinks and cocktails, some of our specialties include


SPICY DANCEscotch whisky • lemon juice • shire • tabasco sauce

JAIPUR MARTINIvodka • cranberry juice • vermouth

CHENNAI COCONUTcoconut rum • coconut cream • orange juice • pineapple juice

SALAAM BOMBAY vodka • gin • strawberry mix • pineapple juice

indian beer

HAYWARDS 5000 – indian beer

KING FISHER – indian beer

TAJ MAHAL – indian beer

(we also feature local beers)


SHIRLEY TEMPLEgrenadine • sprite

BANANA PUNCH banana • sprite • strawberry 

INDIAN SUNRISEorange juice • grenadine

MANGO LASSImango • yoghurt • spices

MANGO SHAKE mango • vanilla ice cream

SWEET LASSIyoghurt • sugar

MASALA LASSIyoghurt • salt • spices


            We feature a selection of red and white wines